Mental workout

According to this article from Popular Science thinking really hard causes your brain to consume 15 times more calories than in “stand-by mode”. The calorie consumption goes up from 0.1 calorie per minute to 1.5 calories per minute.

So let’s start our mental workout with some easy warmup exercises

3D Logic

In 3D Logic you’ll have to connect two colored fields with a line in the same color on a 3D cube.

On this cube (1st level)

you’ll have to connect the two red squares with a red line, the two violet ones with a violet line and the green one… you got it. This game takes some time, but don’t be fooled it gets pretty hard in later levels!

Don’t be tired! Jump in to the next exercise


Planetary requires you to make a non-planar graph planar (so that no edges intersect).

Transform this graph (3rd level):

to this one

At the end some stretching exercises


Of course Sudoku is the classic, it’s everywhere and of course online too — at WebSudoku for example. Currently there are also some multiplayer variants coming up, Sudoku Combat is a popular one.

Screenshot of SudokuCombat:

And? Lost some weight?

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