You probably heard about MacFUSE (announcement). MacFUSE is an OS X implementation of the popular FUSE project (well known to Linux enthusiasts).

I just found a tech-demo video showing some really interesting features and possibilities of FUSE (of course it’s not limited to MacFUSE).


The most popular filesystem is the SSHFS, it allows you to mount directories of remote computers via SSH. No more Samba or network sharing hassles, just login with your usual SSH-account and you’re done. Surely this is a great tool for people constantly working remote, but for the others?


Today Google announced (did I mention that MacFUSE comes from Google engineers?) SpotlightFS, which is also great, but again not very interesting for most people. You get real filesystem access to stored searches, instead of a special filetype containing your search.

What really kicks ass

Somewhere within the MacFUSE wiki was a link to a tech-demo of MacFUSE. It shows some great ideas of what can (and should) be done using this technology.

For example the PicasawebFS was a real eye-opener! Easy upload, download and organization of pictures and albums via your filesystem and live on Picasaweb (or Flickr).

Imagine your blog as filesystem – edit your entries with your favorite editor in Textile, Markdown, or whatever suits you!

The other (equally interesting) tech-demo filesystems are:

  • DocFS – another cool demo: it allows you to organize the documents written on Google Docs & Spreadsheets and open them locally (live Word-export). Check at least this one out!
  • ProcFS – a live view of the processes running on your computer (like /proc on Linux).
  • RSSFS – a filesystem view of a RSS feed, each entry is a link directly to the article.

See Macworld 2007 MacFUSE Tech-Demo for more.

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.
— Frank Tibolt